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Coast Guards

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This section of the web directory is dedicated solely to the Lifeboat Services around the World. Many of these organisations come under the Coast Guard, but as around the UK and Ireland there are those which provide this important service from voluntary contributions.
Also it is hoped that assistance with this web page will be given by the various organisations as a means to ensure that the information put forward is correct and is regularly updated.
Not only will official sites be added to this section, but the very important contribution freely given by the numerous research groups and enthusiasts who have delved into the historical data relating to certain boats or stations.
There is also the invaluable addition provided by the men and women who serve on these lifeboats. If there is any aspect not covered please send an email to 'The Webmaster, web directory Lifeboats,

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Matt Lethbridge Snr Coxswain (retired) from Isles of Scilly Lifeboat. Received Gold Award for bravery following the dramatic rescue of numerous vessels during the Fastnet yacht race.
Photo with kind permission of Frank Gibson. 
Bill Burrows engineer and mechanic for the Isles of Scilly Lifeboat. Awarded a Gold medal for his part in the rescuing of vessels and crews from the Fastnet yachts.
Photo with kind permission of Frank Gibson.
Team Philips boat being rescued by the Isles of Scilly Lifeboat. Photo Rick Tomlinson
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